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Small home on the ground floor of a row house in Subramanyam Nagar, Bengaluru available for rent at a low rate, which is far lower than market rate.

Honest small families, single women, middle aged individuals or senior citizens preferred . Ideal for single women like spinsters, widows, divorcees, women students living in bengaluru looking for a safe place to stay, without being sexually harassed or molested.

No brokerage charged, if the tenant will directly contact by email for details and finalize the deal directly with the home owner.

Home owner is flexible , liberal and open minded, can consider special request from tenant

However drinking, smoking is not allowed for tenant

In case any clarifications are required, please contact using email.
If interested please send an email to for contact details,complete address, brokers welcome

Home owners interested in renting their home for free, and those interested in finding a rental home please send details to for a listing

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