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Hoarding space available on gate and walls of the fence of home at La campala colony, Miramar, Campal Panaji, Goa.
Ideal for posting any promotional message in one of the better maintained areas of Panaji, Goa.
Also close to the clinic of a very reputed doctor in Goa, a large number of patients visiting the doctor for getting his or her ailment treated will see the ad, ideal for advertising a medical, pharma service
Many residents of the area, taking a walk in the morning and evening will see the ad
Already Wowkids is advertising their services on the gate on a complementary basis. Similar advertising board can be installed.
Advertising on the tree in the garden, terrace of the house is also offered
If required, outdoor advertising on more gates in the locality can also be arranged
Lowest outdoor advertising rate in Panaji, Goa

Most conventional advertising will only reach readers of newspapers, magazines, those who watch a particular television channel, and not everyone may have the time or money to purchase the newspapers or watch the particular television channel. Ideal for selling medical, security products or services for families and individuals who can afford to pay

Complementary online advertising offered on classifieds and related online websites for advertisers opting for outdoor advertising. Free copywriting of the ad offered, including different variations of the ad.

Home owners interested in renting their home, room or outdoor advertising space can list , and those interested in finding a rental home please send details to info@textads.in for a listing

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For more details or if any clarifications are needed send an email to info@textads.in
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